Jakob Enlund

I'm a Ph.D candidate in Economics at the University of Gothenburg. I'm on the job market during the 2021-2022 academic year and will be available for interviews at the virtual EEA meetings in december 2021. My supervisors are Professor Randi Hjalmarsson, Professor Måns Söderbom, and Professor Fredrik Carlsson.

My primary research focuses on political economics, development economics, and conflict. One project documents electoral cycles in contributions to UN peacekeeping operations and shows how they're hampering conflict mitigation. Another examines the violent spill-over effects of conflict, focusing on the case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effect on hate crimes towards Jews and Muslims in the U.S.

A second research agenda lies in between behavioral, experimental and environmental economics. In particular, I'm heading a large-scale randomized control trial evaluating a comprehensive app-based pro-environmental behavioral intervention.

Primary fields: Political Economics, Development Economics and Conflict

Secondary fields: Behavioral, Experimental and Environmental Economics

Email: jakob.enlund@economics.gu.se